Buena Vista City Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 12, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

Did someone already mention that this place is properly pronounced "bew-na VIS-tah"? (BWAY-na VEES-ta is somewhere else.) You will also hear the locals refer to it as "Bee Vee".

I got to the Johnson's per Dale Millsap's directions. They were friendly but asked if I could please find another way into the HP. They have some very nice horses that they are understandably concerned about. Unfortunately, hunters sometimes shoot first and see what they shot at later and the Johnsons have a strict No Trespassing rule during and around hunting season. I fully and completely understand. Although they later relented after being charmed by my border collie, I chose to honor their request and find an alternate route, which I might add was based on some good suggestions from Mrs. Johnson.

Thus, I came in completely from the city side. Sorry for lack of exact mileage, but local signage is good. From I-81, take US 60 east to BV. At the intersection (and light) with US 501, turn left onto Rockbridge Avenue. At the stop sign, go left onto Catalpa. (Alternately, stay on US 60, a.k.a. 29th Street, and turn left onto Catalpa.) Turn right onto 40th Street (at the trailer park) and go to the end of the road. Parking is something of an issue and I ended up parking on 39th. Take the ATV trail heading east-northeast up into the woods. At the top of the ridge, turn north (left) and follow the ATV trail along the ridge until you meet the fence at the city/county line in the vicinity of "NA" in "BUENA VISTA CITY" on the topo. Turn right and follow the (very) faint woods road along the fence to the HP.

The jeep trail shown on the topo is no longer there. Stay well away from this one during hunting season. Maybe 200 feet of climb and 40-45 minutes round-trip.