Buena Vista City Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 15, 2008
Author: Scott Surgent

We were staying at the BV Motel on US-60 on the east end of town. I went for an early-morning hike/walk from the hotel to the HP, following US-60 to Catalpa then up to 40th Street to its end at the forest boundary. I walked the ATV trail a way before being blocked by slash piles. Some new logging roads have been put in - this would seem to be a relatively new development. I attempted to follow the ATV paths as best as possible (per the reports), not trusting the roads would go to the HP. I was able to do so to the fence line reported in Don Desrosiers's report. Turns out the logging road was only a few feet away and it seemed to go to the HP, so I followed it up.

The HP itself is still forested (not for long?). I paced the broad summit area. The HP seemed to be marked by a tin watering can placed in the crook of a tree. In any case, I followed the logging roads back out to the ATV track and back to the hotel.

Total was 4 miles, 2 hours.