Campbell County High Point Trip Report

three areas on Long Mtn (1,420+ ft)

Date: June 2002
Author: Ryan Bowles

area 1: From Rustburg, take Route 24 east. Just past the high school, turn left on the aptly named Tower Hill Road. Take the road to the end at the summit area. There is a fire tower that can be climbed for nice views.

area 2: From area 1, return 0.1 mile on Tower Hill Road to a sharp curve at a silver gate. Park here, and hike the gated dirt road to another set of towers at the summit area. The HP seems to be in the fenced area, but the elevation difference compared to outside the fence is minimal.

area 3 (with spot elevation 1428): From area 2, find the obscure entrance to an ATV trail on the north end of the summit area. Follow the ATV trail for a mile, ignoring the side trails that obviously go down the side of the ridge. Stay on the narrow ridge line. Just before the ATV trail opens out, turns right, and heads downhill, turn left on a more overgrown ATV trail. This leads shortly to the summit. The topo indicates a road leading to the third area, but this road is now an ATV trail leading from somebody's private driveway off a private road. It's easier just to hike the ridge.