Campbell County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 19, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

Ryan Bowles' directions are good, although I just parked at area 2 (central candidate) and walked back up the hill to area 1 (southern area). No climbable fire tower that I could see.

From the central area, the trail entrance is to the west of the northernmost guy-wire, about 50 feet into the woods. Otherwise, just follow the ridge along the obvious trail. As an aside, this is an old woods/logging road that ran along the property line (traces of old wire fences are to be seen). ATV trails in this area tend to be overused and these are clearly not. When another trail comes in parallel to the right and eventually meets the main trail, go another 50 feet and turn left onto the "more overgrown" trail mentioned by Ryan. If you want to add a rock to the cairn, bring one from here. The top is somewhat flat but I made a small cairn where I thought the HP was. Feel free to add to it or to move it if you disagree with me. Maybe 20 minutes to get back to the car.

As a personal observation, coming in along 501 from Lynchburg, the central area appeared to be slightly higher than the southern one. From Gladys (farther south), the northern area looked slightly higher than the central point. This is completely unscientific and the points need to be rigorously surveyed for total accuracy. There was no place that I was able to compare all three points.