Charlotte County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 3, 2001
Author: Mike Stinson

Both highpoints are just east of the community of Red House, which gives its name to the topo sheet on which the points are located. Approach the points by driving a short way east on SR 615 from Red House.

First area: small area inside 790+ ft contour line just east of Mt Zion church. From SR 615 turn on SR 672 and then almost immediately enter a small gravel parking area across 672 from the church. There is some electrical equipment here covered by a small roof. A barbed wire fence encloses an area of pasture that includes this highpoint. The area is shady, with lots of oaks. Cross the fence, walk to the slightly higher area and grid-walk until satisfied. Watch out for the cow patties.

Second area: You could easily walk to the other area, shown on the map with a 793 ft spot elevation, but I decided to get away from the fenced area quickly. The second area appears to have been behind a house which is no longer standing. Instead, there's an excavated area at about the same spot that a building (house?) is shown on the topo map near the north edge of the 790-foot contour line. There's also a driveway not shown on the topo that leads to the approximate location of the highpoint. The ground has been graded, and it's pretty flat all around, so it's hard to tell exactly where the highpoint was when the map was made or where it is now. From SR 615, drive around behind the house site and grid-walk until satisfied. Despite the grading, I got the feeling that this second point is higher, but I couldn't tell just by looking.