Charlotte County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 24, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

From the Prince Edward CoHP, go north on 662 to the first left which is Route 615. Take that all the way to Red House.

For the smaller area to the northwest, I parked in the church parking lot. The area across Mount Zion Road is clearly lower than the larger 793 area.

For the second area, stay on Mount Zion Road to #1142 which is the house shown at the southwest end of the dirt road. That road is now a driveway. The owner of the house was quite amused at why I wanted to cut across her property to get to the field but granted permission.

At this point, I now have some issues with this HP. Clearly, it is higher than the smaller area. Eyeballing and leveling prove that but the highest point looks to be a whole lot closer to the house than to the "X" on the map. Although the field is now a cow pasture, it has been plowed in the past so the exact location of the 790 contour has changed over the years. There are no places around that are higher, but "X" does not mark the spot.