Charlottesville City Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 18, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

From the south of town, Mike Schwartz's directions are good. From north, Dale Millsap's are pretty good, with some exceptions. Stay on business 29 though town. Emmet will become Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA to the locals). At the light where JPA goes left, Fountaine goes straight, and Maury goes to the right. Take the right. Maury becomes Alderman Road. Go past the football stadium (on the right) and take a left onto McCormick (cemetery on map will be visible across street at the light). Follow obvious road up the hill. Pass the two water tanks on the left and look for a white pipe gate on the left right as things level off. At that point you should have just passed the city line, although it is not marked.

I walked back a short way and investigated a couple of places just off of the road on the southwest side. Down the hill about 50 yards there was a piece of PVC pipe set up as some sort of marker with another about 75 yards further downhill. These seemed to be roughly in a line with where the topo shows the city line (directly north of the "WTs" on the map) but I did not find any more either way.

You might want to avoid this one during Saturday afternoons in the fall (i.e., large crowds at the football stadium).