Colonial Heights City Highpoint Trip Report

four areas (100+ ft)

Date: October 7, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

I have numbered the areas 1-4 going east to west. Get to US 301 north in Petersburg (there are several ways). Cross the Appomattox River and head up the hill into Colonial Heights.

Area 1 (Carroll Avenue) - There are two possibilities for this one. They are too far apart to compare. At the top of the hill, turn right onto Arlington Road. At the end of the block at Virginia Avenue, there is a hexagonal building with a historical marker about "Violet Banks". Look at the right side of the lawn near the fence. Then go back across 301 on Arlington Road which is only about 25 feet long, then an immediate left onto Carroll. Try toward the end across from #166 just before things start to drop off.

Area 2 (Marvin Avenue) - Go back toward 301 and left onto Marvin Avenue. I thought the HP was either in the middle of the triangular intersection or just past that, still on Marvin. Could go either way.

Areas 3 and 4 are both at Virginia State University - Get back onto 301 north and turn left at the light onto Dupuy. Go 1 mile and turn left onto Matthews-Jefferson Avenue (near the stadium). Turn left onto Carter G Woodson Road, left on Hayden, go over the bridge, and straight ahead to the small area at the end of the road.

There has clearly been construction in this area so it is difficult to figure an exact highest point. Wander until you are satisfied. For the last area I pick to the right of the Central Receiving building. The (clearly visible) water tower area is lower than the buildings in the area. I think the water tower area is the higher of the two but not by much.