Covington City Highpoint Trip Report

BM Nettleton (1,680+ ft)

Date: April 28, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

I used Fred Lobdell's directions. Either exit 16 from I-64 will get you to the same place. The true strangeness was at the light for VA 18. From both ways there was also a sign for US 18 south!

The fork in the road that Fred mentions is E. Mallow Road. The sharp left is E. Hamilton and the right turn is E. Raymond. Otherwise, you are good to go. Follow your nose through the field with the tower. The grassy farm road mentioned by Mike Schwartz is the access for a pipeline (of some sort). HP seemed reasonably obvious. Didn't find the BM but did not look vary hard.

Maybe 15 minutes round-trip.