Culpeper County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 10, 2003
Author: Ryan Bowles

On VA 231 at the Madison/Rappahannock county line, go north a short distance, then turn right on Slate Mills Road (VA 707). In the non-existent village of Slate Mills, turn right on Major Brown Drive. Where Major Brown Drive turns sharp left, continue straight onto a heavily posted driveway. This driveway is gated except when the owner is in the area, on most weekends. Take the driveway for about a mile, then park in a turnout on the left. Make sure you ask permission from the landowner, who is very friendly.

From the turnout, as per the owner's suggestion/preference, bushwhack directly up to the ridge, which is the next major shoulder of Mitchell's Mountain, west of the HP. Continue bushwhacking steeply to the obvious summit. Work your way down the ridge with the HP, which has an old logging road running along it. The county line is not marked, so stay along the highest point on the ridge.

The owner I spoke to said that the logging road along the summit can be accessed from the Tobin property, but he didn't know where to find it.