Cumberland County High Point Trip Report

two areas 1 mile SSW of Raines Tavern (520+ ft)

Date: September 13, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

From the center of Farmville, go north on VA 45, and zero odometer at the county line, marked only by a sign, "Leaving Town Of Farmville." Drive 2.2 miles north to the junction with CR 657. A large facility, possibly job training or social services related, marked, "Southside Enterprises" occupies the northeast corner of the junction and provides a convenient place to park.

A large oak to the rear of the facility seemed to mark the highest ground. From the map, I would have expected the 520-foot contour to be a little further away, but there is no apparent higher ground in the area, and the ground may well have been disturbed. The 520-foot contour to the south is occupied by several houses. Highest ground appears to be at or near house #1875. Easy touch and run.