Cumberland County High Point Trip Report

nine areas near Raines Tavern

Date: May 8, 2003
Author: Ryan Bowles

Mike Schwartz's trip report is great for the two southern areas. The northern seven areas, which are missing from Andy Martin's book, are just north on Route 45 along John Randolph Road (638).

Area 1: just east of the intersection of 45 and John Randolph Road in a grassy field. Easy.

Areas 2, 3, and 4: Continue on John Randolph Road, then turn right on 653. Just past two houses is the dirt road shown on the map, gated. Park here. Hike along the road to what is shown as an intersection of dirt roads, but which is now the site of a communication tower. Turn left along the fence, and then turn right through a gate into the next field. The HP area is in this field, but is not identifiable, and is undoubtedly lower than the area back at the intersection. Return to the intersection shown on the map. The HP area is across the fence, which is a moderately difficult barbed wire crossing. From here, walk through the woods back toward the road, and bear left to reach the next area, behind the mobile home that is marked on the map as being on the edge of the contour.

Area 5: Very large area northeast of the intersection of John Randolph Road and 653. We felt that the high area was in the back yards of the houses on the south side of John Randolph Road.

Area 6: Continue along John Randolph Road and turn into the driveway that leads to a barn complex. The driveway turns 90 degrees left, then 90 degrees right, to the crest. We felt the HP was in the field just north of the driveway.

Area 7: Further along John Randolph Road, this area is behind the barn of the house shown on the topo map. The owner was friendly and let us wander around.

Areas 8 and 9 are described in Mike Schwartz's report.