Danville City High Point Trip Report

14 areas

Date: May 9, 2003
Author: Ryan Bowles

ten areas in the northern end of the city

Note that the numbers on the topo are not correct. What is labeled as 29 is 29 Bus, and what is labeled as 29 Bus is actually 293).

Area 1: The first area we visited was in Highland Burial Park, which can easily be accessed from 29 Bus. This area is our best candidate for the actual HP, as it rises substantially above the contour. The HP area is obvious among many grave sites.

Area 2: The area across 293 is on the grounds of a National Guard Armory, and is clearly lower and not worth visiting.

Area 3: Further north, across a street from the Armory, is in the yard of a house. Although sight leveling is not possible, we felt that this area is much lower that the first area.

Areas 4 and 5: The small area just north across 29 Bus and the area just northwest across 29 Bus are both clearly lower than the first area.

Area 6: Just west from area 5, the HP is in the yard of the house on the north side of the road between the two north-south roads (unfortunately, we didn't write down the names of the roads). The HP may be in the backyard, but it is fenced with many dogs, and in any case is within inches of the front yard.

Area 7: Further west from area 6, across VA 41. The HP is in an overgrown field with an old foundation just north of the house on the northeast corner of the intersection on the map.

Area 8: In the far northwest corner of the city, this is a large area along a ridge in a dense middle-class neighborhood with fenced backyards. We identified 4 houses that potentially contained the HP, and visited front yards and back yards when possible. We felt the HP was most likely in the front yard of the farthest northwest house.

Area 9: A quarter contour behind some house along VA 41. Don't bother.

Area 10: South of the intersection of VA 41 and 29 Bus. The large building shown on the topo is a church. The HP seems to be in the front yard of a house at the north end of the contour.

four areas in the southwestern end of the city

The southern three areas are aligned east to west. The easternmost area is in a cemetery across busy US 29 Bus from a convenience store. The center area is in the side yard of a house just north of the convenience store. Sight leveling from the cemetery was inconclusive. The western area is under a tree by the side of a driveway of a house at a corner of this area. The fourth area is a liner, and is at the base of a tree that looks like it straddles the city-county line.