Danville City Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 28, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

Went with Ryan Bowles' directions initially. I might have numbered the areas slightly differently, but will go with his schema.

Areas 2 & 3 (small areas farthest northeast): These are off of Seminole Road. If you stand in the middle of the road, it is clear that these two areas are lower that the cemetery.

Area 1 (cemetery): I took the HP to be near an old tree stump. This is clearly higher than areas 2, 3, and 4.

Areas 4 & 5 (across Business Route 29 from area 1): Turn off of Business Route 29 onto Highland and park on the right side of the road. This is actually a good place to get to the cemetery. Area 4 is in the back yard of the house on the corner (across from the Jehovah's Witness Hall) and is clearly lower than area 1. Area 5 is slightly farther down the street (Terry) and is pretty near the intersection on the map. My sense was that this area was just slightly higher than area 4 but not to the standards of area 1.

Area 9 (under "Lima"): You have to back out onto 41 since the back roads to the northeast of 41 do not go through, despite what the map shows. I took the HP to be on the right side of the parking lot at the Lutheran Church.

Area 8 (west of "Lima near dogleg corner of city line): From area 9, turn off of 41 onto Vicar Place, at the end turn right onto Raintree (Place or Road, I missed which one), then right onto Raintree Court. I took the HP to be in the front yard of #127.

Area 7 (northeast of "New Design"): Back south on 41. Turn right onto Tamworth (just before stoplight at 29). Overgrown field in area 7 is on your immediate right. HP looks to be toward the back on the left.

Area 6 (south-southeast of area 7, north of Water Tower): I have a problem with this area. I took the HP to be behind the McDonald's on 41 but it could as easily be on Tamworth. Take the immediate left from area 7 and pick your poison. However, if you walk to the intersection of 41 and 29, it is clearly higher than area 6. Further, a lot of this area looks man-made so I am not certain where construction ends and area 6 begins. This one may require a re-evaluation of Danville.

Area 10 (south of intersection of 41 and 29): Go south on 41. Turn right onto Major Road (really!) and park in the church parking lot. I took the HP to be in the front yard of 116.

southern areas

Get back onto Bus 29 south. Cross the river and stay on 29. It winds a bit.

Area S1: Turn right onto Old Greensboro and right onto Ferry to the city line. Base of the tree works for me.

Areas S2-S4: Turn right onto Old Mayfield. Cemetery (S2) is across 29 and leveling from left side of Old Mayfield shows it lower than area at corner of Old Mayfield and Maple Grove. Saves having to go across the railroad tracks to get to it. Area S2 is north of the convenience stores in the side yard of a house. Could go either way with the cemetery. Area S3 is on the corner of Old Mayfield and Maple Grove. I believe it is the highest of these three areas.