Danville City Highpoint Trip Report

14 areas (660+ ft)

Date: September 18, 2006
Author: Michael Schwartz

Area 1: In the cemetery. Likely the highest in Danville. BM Auction 2 is found in the traffic island nearest the northeast corner of the cemetery. Look for a concrete post, tipped at a 45 degree angle, that holds the BM. The site of the reference marker, with only a metal pin remaining, is about 35 feet east of the BM.

Areas 2 and 3: No change.

Area 4: This is easy to miss on the topo. It's the small area just north of area one, north of the highway, and is a small rise in a field.

Area 5: This is the area behind the house, across from the Jehovah's Witness Hall.

Area 6: Correctly described in Ryan Bowles' report. The two parallel north- south streets are Kenon Drive and North Dans Drive. The north-south street south of them that connects to Bus 29 is Dans Drive.

Area 7: No change.

Area 8: The "yard of the farthest northwest house" described by Ryan is between #726 and #732 Vicar Road. Also check out #121/127 on Raintree Court, per Don Desrosiers. I exited the development back to VA 41, went north, turned left (west) onto Orphanage Road, and bore left onto Iris Lane to a crest at the rear of #s 726/732. The ground on the east side of the road is in Danville, and is still relatively high.

Areas 9-14: No change.