Fairfax County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 16, 2000
Author: Roy Wallen

three areas (all 520+ ft)

Two areas are in the middle of a high-end apartment complex on what was once Gantt Hill. To access these, proceed to the corner of Westpark Drive and Greensboro Drive in Fairfax. This is an area with upscale shopping centers and office complexes, as well as The Rotonda apartment complex. Parking on Greensboro Drive, you can walk into the complex and proceed to the area behind the buildings as indicated on the topo map. There has obviously been a lot of changes in the topography in the construction of these large buildings so it is not clear where the true high area is.

The third area is surrounded by two fences which protect a sensitive military communications facility. I attempted to talk the guard (a guy dressed in informal civilian clothes) into letting me into the facility. He wouldn't do that but did give me the name and telephone number of someone to contact at Fort Meyer. However, the area is very flat and the inside of the fenced area has been modified to accommodate the towers and buildings. Walking up to the fence is adequate.

My impression was that the area around radio tower is higher, even before the apartment complexes were placed, but there's no direct line of sight.