Fairfax County High Point Trip Report

one (or three) area(s) near Tysons Corner (520+ ft)

Date: December 24, 2000
Author: Dan Case

Following Fred Lobdell's and Roy Wallen's trip reports, I ignored the other two areas and just hit the radio tower area. I concur with them on their verdict, duly noted in a footnote to Andy Martin's book, that it alone now qualifies due to the extensive development of this area. For the same reason, I wanted to keep it short as going anywhere near Tysons Corner on the day before Christmas without a really good reason is insanity. Fortunately this area was nice and out of the way.

I got to the tower via the VA 7 (Leesburg Pike) and VA 123 (Chain Bridge Road) intersection, or rather interchange as the latter is carried over the former. Going north on 7, watch for an unsigned sharp right turnoff past the interchange. This is the service/feeder road for 123. Take it back uphill, past the cloverleaf which contains one of the candidate areas (but lower, I unequivocally believe), to the small furnishings store and insurance agency in front of the tower.

Park there. The high ground is in the area between the back of the stores and the tower fence. You may also find a possible challenger next to the trees in front of the First Union Bank buildings opposite the tower on Pinnacle Drive.