Fairfax City High Point Trip Report

Date: October 16, 2000
Author: Roy Wallen

two areas (both 480+ ft)

The northern area is between a strip of stores anchored by a K-Mart in the Jermantown (sic) area of Fairfax. There is a new complex of buildings to the north which is not shown on the topo. The high area is between the north end of the strip of stores and the back of a large building currently housing a Burlington Coat Factory outlet. Looking to the southeast, one can see the other highpoint at the water tower, which appears higher.

The water tower is accessible from the back of a furniture store, by a walkway through a gap in the fence (which is hard to find form the north, or store, side of the water tower). Alternatively, one can drive around the back roads to the street which approaches the water tower from the south. In either case, the high point is on the north side of the tower at the base of an oak tree.