Falls Church City High Point Trip Report

one area 0.5 mile WSW of Thomas Jefferson School as backyard of 303 Poplar Drive (440+ ft)

Date: December 24, 2000
Author: Dan Case

Roy Wallen's directions are accurate, but one can also reach this house more easily by turning off West Washington Street (US 29) at Rosemary Lane and then turning left on Tracy Lane (?), which ends at Poplar right next to the house in question. Although the house and yard seemed disheveled (a huge Dumpster- like trash container is in the driveway, suggesting some ongoing renovations), it nevertheless appears occupied.

I rang the doorbell and no one answered despite a wait of several minutes, so I just went down to the yellow gate, found it open and dashed in and out of the backyard. I think the high ground within the city is not so much near the fence line as it is midway between the gate and the fence.