Fauquier County High Point Trip Report

Blue Mtn (2,205 ft)

Date: March 19, 2002
Author: Dale Millsap

Due to a change in the county line, Blue Mountain is now Fauquier's highpoint.

From the intersection of Highway 55 and Route 638 drive north 5.4 miles (near the end, it becomes dirt road.) At the intersection with Allegheny Road, take a right turn. Follow a two-track lane about 200 yards to where the road starts to circle back and park by a rough blob of concrete near a tower.

The high point is a rock within the road circle, but it is small enough that it could have been moved or placed there, so cover the entire 2200 foot contour (it won't take long.) The USGS maps show the 2200 contour intersected by the county line, so keep that in mind as you cover ground. The BM is Warren 1957, set in a short concrete monument within the contour. Near it is another marker labeled "RU Goode CLS Berryville, VA." Three white plastic strips for aerial photography extend out from Warren 1957. There are actually four towers at this site. The old fire tower has been removed, but I believe the old foundation is in a clearing very near to the BM.