Fauquier County Highpoint Trip Report

Blue Mtn (2,200+ ft)

Date: July 31, 2004
Author: Fred Lobdell

This was a county that I had to "repair". I had previously visited High Knob (2,388 feet) which earlier topographic maps had shown as the county HP in March 1996. However, much to my dismay, it was discovered a couple of years ago that the county line had been changed and High Knob was no longer part of Fauquier County. The new HP has the virtue of being much easier to get to but it is a shame that highpointers will no longer have to hike the Appalachian Trail past the doubly fenced breeding grounds for the National Zoo with its sign, "Trespassers Will Be Eaten".

I found Dale Millsap's trip report to be right on the money. County 638, which he reports as becoming a dirt road shortly before reaching the HP, is now paved beyond the HP. I didn't find any bench marks, but Dale had the advantage of visiting in March before the vegetation took everything over, whereas I visited in midsummer. The area has some generic postings but there is also a sign that says "No Horses Beyond This Point" which sort of contradicts the message on the postings.