Fluvanna County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 4, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are two 550-foot contours shown in Fluvanna County, just south of the Louisa county line. These areas are just south of and west of Zion Crossroads, a collection of a few houses and a couple of businesses at the intersection of US routes 15 and 250. This is about a half mile south of the I-64 interchange for US 15; Zion Crossroads is on the sign. These areas may be done in a 10 minute or so break while passing through on the interstate.

The western area is reached by going south from the interchange on US 15 to US 250 and turning right (west) on the latter highway. Immediately after passing the sign for Fluvanna County, county 615 will come in on the right. The high area is in an open, slightly brushy field on the south side of 250, just east of the intersection with the county road. I wandered around a bit, but it didn't look much, if any, higher than the area around it. The field sports a "For Sale" sign and is neither fenced nor posted.

For the eastern area, return to the intersection of 15 and 250 and turn right (south) on 15. After a gas station on the left, there will be a private gravel road, also on the left, that leads through the highest contour to a greenhouse and nursery where plants are for sale to the public; thus, the public uses this gravel road. I turned around at the greenhouse and returned to the highest area where I parked on the grass and walked behind some houses that fronted on US 15. Again, there was no significantly higher area. This second 550-foot contour is shown as extending south for several hundred feet. There is also an abandoned house just south of this area on 15, and this might make an alternate parking area.