Fluvanna County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 15, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

I passed this one five times in 2004 going to dog trials but never stopped. According to the rules, it didn't count until today.

Previous directions (Fred Lobdell in 2000 and Dale Millsap in 2002) and the map are sufficient to get you there. If you are going south on US 15, this area looks fairly flat. Going north, it is obvious that SOMETHING is at the crossroads.

I thought the northeast HP was fairly close to the road but wandering in the field won't hurt you. No way to get a sight line because there is a trailer park and a row of trees in the way. The gravel road mentioned by Fred Lobdell is signed "Cedar Bend Drive."

The strange thing about this one is that the VDOT signs to mark the county line are northeast and southwest of the intersection of 250 and 15. I would have expected the one visible going NORTH on US 15 to be south of the intersection. This appears to mark a county line 90 degrees off that shown on the topo or on the VDOT county map itself. I am coming to the conclusion that VDOT county line signs may be useful only in a general sense.