Frederick County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 8, 2008
Author: Charlie Zerphey

This was not my day. I must have had a "brain fart" because I started northwest instead of southeast. I was on a posted power line and, after about a mile and a half, I came to a new wooded subdivision and checked with the young lady at the first house I came to. She wasn't familiar with the area as they just moved to the area. She contacted their neighbor who knew the area. After we figured out my position, he drove me back to my starting point. I had left my wife at my truck which I had parked along the road and on arrival two women had my wife cornered and threatened to shoot her for trespassing, cussing and then wanted to call the police. After much apologizing they settled down but insisted I get a permit before I climb to the correct CoHP. We were directed to Capon Springs Resorts who own all the land on the mountain including the Capon Springs Hunting Club. I then was forced to go get a permit.

I met Mr. Edwin Brill, Manager of the Capon Springs Resorts, who easily gave me a permit once I explained HPers to him. It was explained to me that in WVA all the power line land is leased from the landowner and they are the ones who police the area and will call the authorities to prosecute. About 100 yards northwest of the power line is Capon Road which parallels the power line and will save about 0.8 mile. Mr. Brill said to drive up this road and park at the last trailer as this person works for the Resort. I parked and got an OK to park there from the daughter of the owner, with a warning to look out for rattlesnakes.