Fredericksburg City Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 10, 2007
Author: Don Desrosiers

Due to the diligent efforts of Dr. Lobdell, it appears that the previously published HPs in this city are in error. The original data showed that there were six areas of 250+ feet which it turns out was correct until Jan 1988. Until that time, all of Fredericksburg really was east of I-95. However, it seems that the city annexed an area west of I-95 and north of VA 3. This fact was not readily indicated on any of the mapping sources any of us had found prior to last week. Therein lies our tale.

The area in question has undergone significant development. Much of what is shown on the maps is under significant mercantile establishments. If you need to shop, this may be your cohp!

From I-95, take Exit 130 (VA 3) to the west. Turn right at the 3rd light onto Bragg Road. You will have just passed the city/county line, although the VDOT sign was back before the second light. Continue on Bragg for a shade less than a mile until you reach River Road (unsigned but also known as SR 618). The city/county line will have snuck up on your right (via Vidalia Street) just before you got to the 276SE intersection then headed westward along SR 618. We parked at the Riverside First Church of God (just north of the intersection) but you may opt for behind the Walmart (just across the Bragg Road).

Of the four areas shown, the larger area to the southeast (close to the intersection) has been removed to place townhouses upon its lofty summit. The smaller area to the west is likewise gone but a slight rise can still be found in front of #304. Everything in the complex seems to have the same street name but look for the small playground and you are good to go.

The small westernmost area is in a cul-de-sac and is at least 10 feet lower than the grassy field behind the church. The northeasternmost area is the sole remaining area of natural ground surrounded by a 270 foot contour. It starts in the grassy field behind the church and continues through a tree line into a farm field to the north. The buildings are gone but the dirt road shown on the topo still exists. We felt the highest ground was toward the south but the matter did elicit some discussion.

There is a small, 270+ foot area north of these four area which we checked out strictly for the purpose of covering our collective highpointing posteriors. That area now reaches almost 300 feet (found a 297.XY foot surveyors stake near the top) but this point is most assuredly manmade.