Galax City Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 6, 2006
Author: Roy Wallen

Fred Lobdellís trip report from 2001 is still valid and, as usual, very helpful in getting to the highpoint. Access is the same, with more houses added along the gravel road which leads to the summit.

The towers are completely enclosed by a fence at this point and there is a large, enclosed reservoir on the summit. We parked where the gravel road splits just before the final ascent to the towers. Taking the right fork, one can walk around the reservoir along the north side of Ward Knob. As Fred notes, there is a cleared area on the north side but there is now also a gravel road leading down to another set of towers. Walking along this road, a best-faith effort is required to stand on the city highpoint. We found a wooden post marked "corner" which may be the line between Galax city and Carroll County.