Gloucester County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 4, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

The two high areas in Gloucester County lie along a low, gentle north-south trending ridge in a wooded area that contains some slash, apparently from a previous logging operation. The land is neither fenced nor posted.

From the intersection of US 17 with VA 33 and VA 198 in the community of Glenns, go south on 17 about 2.8 miles to county road 601. Turn left (east) on 601 and go about 0.7 miles to the first left, which I think is county 611. Turn left on this paved road and go about 0.3 miles. At this point the topographic map shows a driveway going off to the right and a jeep trail going straight ahead. (The county road curves to the left here.) However, the jeep trail is obviously much improved since the map was made and is passable by an ordinary passenger car. I drove up this road a couple of hundred feet to an open gate, but didn't want to drive further because the recent rains had left the sandy road somewhat soft.

From where I parked I held a compass course of very slightly west of north in traversing the low, indistinct ridge, but I think I did manage to pass over the two high areas. There was even a bit of a saddle between them. The slash and some briars caused some minor detours to a straight-line course, but it was not terribly difficult bushwhacking.