Gloucester County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 15, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

Fred Lobdell's report is great for this county and will get you right where you need to go. VA 601 is also called Pampa Road and VA 611 is paved (not obvious from topo) and called Owl Trap Road. To the right at the intersection with the jeep road and 611 is now a horse pasture. And when I got there, I saw a bald eagle sitting as nicely as you please in an old tree in the pasture. Two eagle sitings in two trips. I could learn to like this area.

Parked at the intersection and walked. Despite being hunting season, I wasn't worried with the houses and horses nearby. The road that Fred mention was gated but not posted. The two points are easy to find. There is now a house in the field about half way between the northern point and the 127 spot elevation to the west. I thought the southern point was slightly higher than the northern point but I couldn't prove it.