Greene County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 16, 2002
Author: Dale Millsap

I parked at the fire road south of Hazeltop and followed the AT. I used Topozone and Topo USA to get coordinates for the tri-county intersection (I realize this was not an exact science) and I used my GPS to get me to those coordinates. The GPS claimed an accuracy of 17 feet. The accuracy of my coordinates I used was perhaps 50 - 100 feet. So, I was in the neighborhood. I thrashed through the brush for some time to see if there was some kind of witness marker but found none. While thrashing, I stepped on every outcrop or significant rise. All I can say is that I gave it a great effort. I built a small cairn in memorial of my effort on top of a big rock very near the coordinates (38.4754° N, 78.4530° W).

It's hard to guess at what may have inspired such an arbitrary location for a county line.