Greene County Highpoint Trip Report

unnamed point at north tip of county, 1,000 ft south of Hazeltop (3,640+ ft)

Date: March 31, 2006
Author: Michael Schwartz

As described in previous reports, hike north on the A.T. from Bootens Gap, just south of milepost 55. Dale Millsap's cairn can be spotted to the right of the trail without a GPS, if you watch carefully. My GPS led me directly to the rock and gave me the identical reading as Dale's. That rock has to be less than twenty feet from the tri-county point/county highpoint. Looking downhill from there in the directions of the county lines, I believe Dale nailed the highpoint. There are no candidate rocks in the few feet north of the cairned rock, and no candidates as you head downhill. The one adjacent rock of comparable size is lower. Bottom line -- the cairn sits on the true county highpoint, as long as the rock isn't just north of the tri-county point and thus not in Green County, in which case the terrain just to the south would contain the tri-county point.