Greensville County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 29, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

My second "first ascent" of the day! You are going to need a GPS unit for both areas.

north area - northwest of Callaville (320+ ft)

Used mapquest to get from Brunswick County HP to Callaville (a wide spot in the road under the most optimistic descriptions). Take VA 608 for 1.1 miles past the intersection with VA 633 to where the road makes the abrupt jog at the RR tracks (since removed). There is a gate on the dirt road. Park here.

I walked northeast on the dirt road to the 4-way intersection (11 minutes), the north intersection of the horseshoe road (19 minutes) and to the road from the northeast (20 minutes). Not shown on the topo is an overgrown road continuing on from the 20-minute road pointing to just about where the trail on the topo and the county line intersect. Further, this area has been logged and is overgrown in waist high brambles. Do the best you can to find the HP. Your guess is as good as mine. The northeast-southwest trail is long overgrown, although you can find faint traces of it in the woods near the "peak" but not near the dirt road.

south area - two areas on state line east of Brunswick-Greensville County line (320+ ft)

This is a ways from the northern point. Go back west on 608 through Callaville to SR 712 south (left). At US 58, go west (right) and take the bypass around Lawrenceville. Take VA 46 south and cross into NC. Turn north (left) onto Summit Road just before you get to Vultare (and you thought Callaville was a small place!). If you miss this, come back west for 7/10 mile from Vultare (sign pointing to VA state line). Zero your odometer.

At 2/10 bear right through the red gate. At 5/10, come to a "T" at the 308 spot elevation and turn north (left). Continue on this road until 2.0 miles and park next to the lone (lonely?) oak tree. You should be very near the structure just south of the state line (structure is gone). I figure the HP of the soybean field was pretty well sitting on the actual state line, although it is not marked.

Things slope away gently to the north. Walked west to the larger area spanning the state line and east to find the liner that touched the state line, but found nothing of interest. For our purposes we can probably discount the southwestern area.

As an historic aside, the VA/NC border was surveyed by Peter Jefferson, father of Thomas, so you are walking in very old footsteps.