Halifax County High Point Trip Report

on Ingram quadrangle

Date: August 16, 2001
Author: Bill Schuler

In Halifax, at the junction of Highway 360W and 501S, zero odometer. Take 360W west to the town of Ingram in 15 miles. This is also called Mountain Road or Jeb Stuart Highway. Just south of town there are a series of 4 black and yellow curve signs. At the last one and directly across from a dilapidated, white clapboard house (at 15010 Mountain Road), there is a dirt track on the left (southeast). Pull in here and park. If you come to County Road 662, you've gone too far. Go back 0.5 mile to the dirt track.

You can also reach this area from Highway 29 in Danville. Take County Road 360 NE from Highway 29. Pass the Halifax county line and County Road 662 in about 20 miles. A half mile further gets you there.

Walk southeast to an open field. Walk around the field and in the bordering woods until you are satisfied you have done the high point.