Harrisonburg City High Point Trip Report

  two areas 1 1/2 miles north of Massanetta Springs
(1,760+ ft with one having a spot elevation of 1,767 ft)

Dates: February 26 and May 22, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

Area with spot elevation 1,767 ft was done first, and is visible from I-81. Take exit 247 onto US 33 eastbound. Pass Valley Mall and at 1.4 miles from the interstate, as you approach the crest, turn right onto Chestnut Ridge Drive, then right onto Blue Stone Hills Drive, then left onto Diamond Court. House #180 sits atop highest ground, and I drove up the driveway and did a touch and run. None of the development shows on the topo.

Past the turnoff for the first area, continue on US 33 for a short distance and take the first left past the city/county line. This leads onto a private road signed as Sherwood Hill. The power lines that very closely parallel the city/county line are visible nearby. I drove up the road, which leads to a very imposing stone house. Well before the house is a pullout under the power lines, where I encountered a gentleman mowing on a tractor. He said that the owner was typically away during the day, and does not want hunters on the property, but opined that ordinary hikers would probably be OK. I hiked a use trail under the power line, and reached the crest in a couple of minutes. Highest ground was right under the power lines, with a nice view to the north. The house was not visible from this point.