Harrisonburg City High Point Trip Report

Date: May 29, 2002
Author: Dale Millsap

Mike Schwartz's report is still valid. I took the digital altimeter with me again, but the elevation was too close to call at the two locations.

The area at the house on Diamond Court is in the front yard, in a wooded and landscaped area by an outdoor swing and a bench. Nobody came to the door, so I took the liberty of stepping on the high ground.

The second area on the power line right-of-way is in a huge mowed section of the hill, near the imposing house Mike referred to. I saw perhaps the same guy out mowing - he probably has to mow constantly with the huge mowed areas around there. My truck had utility company stickers, so I knew nobody would question it being parked on a utility corridor (is that ethically OK ?).