Harrisonburg City Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 14, 2007
Author: Brennan Connelly

Mike Schwartz's report got me to 180 Diamond Lane. The HP is along the driveway to the fairly substantial house at the aforementioned address. The top has been pretty uniformly worked over, so it's hard to say where the original HP was. My GPS read 1,762 feet (with a ±5 foot accuracy).

Don's report got me to the power lines. I highly recommend coming up through the woods on either side of the right of way, unless you happen to enjoy thorns and high grass teeming with ticks. I went up on the county side and down on the city side as Don did. The very top is mowed and is someone's yard, although I fortunately did not encounter anyone, as nothing ruins a HP like having to explain your intentions to a landowner.