Highland County Highpoint Trip Report

spot elevation (4,546 ft)

Date: April 24, 2006
Author: Michael Schwartz

If you pay attention to previous reports, you will have no problems. If you go into mental meltdown and choose to ignore earthen berms, stock ponds, and stock pens, you will get a free trip to Elleber Knob -- and the views did not merit the additional effort.

As you start up the trail from the gate, you will ascend a grassy hill and, as you crest the hill, the road will take a sharp right as mentioned by Don Desrosiers. At this point you must leave the main road, which continues on toward Elleber Knob. Look left across a grassy area and see an opening in the fence bracketed by two large, square posts, blocked by a low, not too obvious berm. As of April 2006, there was no sign for Trail 948 or anything else. Walk over to the large posts and the wide grassy downhill Trail 948 will open up before your eyes. From there the hike is almost foolproof. Just be sure to keep to a compass heading of about 200 as you climb the final ridge from the 4150-foot saddle.

The summit is flat and wide open, and the cairn is in as good a place as any. It has a feeling of real isolation.