King George County High Point Trip Report

21 areas

Date: October 6, 2002
Author: Ryan Bowles

The areas are listed in the order I did them.

Area 1: from Fredericksburg, follow Route 218 east to the unidentifiable village of Passapatanzy. Turn left on Passapatanzy Drive. Park where the road crests at the edge of a forest at a dirt driveway. The HP is behind the house at the end of the driveway. The owner was very friendly.

Area 2: Return to Route 218, and continue east. Turn left on Dogwood, the bear left to stay on Dogwood at the intersection with Chapel. At the first curve to the right, park, and climb over the old rusted, partially broken barbed wire fence on the left side of the road. The wooded HP area is obvious.

Area 3: Return along Dogwood. Just before the intersection with 218, park. The HP is in the front yard or behind the shed of the house at 8357 Dogwood. The owner was not home when I visited.

Areas 4 and 5: Turn left on 218, go a short distance, and turn right on Bloomsbury. The HP of the southern area at this intersection is on the high berm right at the intersection. It is clearly lower than the northern area across 218. Cross 218, climb up the berm, then bear left to the edge of a field. The HP is at the back of the field.

Area 6: Continue east on 218. Park near the blue house with brick base on the left. Hike up the hill behind the house, passing well to the left of the house, and following the edge of the forest and a recently logged area. The HP is in the obvious summit area, just into the logged area.

Area 7: Continue east on 218. Turn right at Lambs Creek Church Rd. Turn left at Green Heights Farm Road. The HP is at the end of the road somewhere around the two houses at the end of the road. One owner was friendly, and for the other property I just touched and left.

Area 8: Return to 218, and continue east. Pass by Comorn Road, and at the first curve to the right after Comorn Road, park. The HP is a short bushwhack to the left of the road, and is pretty obvious.

Area 9: Return west on 218 to Comorn Road. Turn left, then almost immediately left into Peoples Union Church. Park in the parking lot. The HP is behind the church, but is clearly lower than area 10. I met the pastor of the church and had a very nice conversation. He invited me to come to a service if I was ever in the area again.

Area 10: Walk around the fence next to the church parking lot to a house with a lot of junk. The HP is next to the fence, probably near the old truck. The owner was very friendly, and is a member of the church.

Area 11: Go south on Comorn Road. Park at the end of the first curve left after passing Potomac Church, at a closed paved road. Walk along this road, which will make you appreciate the power of nature. Turn left at a slightly overgrown dirt driveway. Go up the driveway to the HP area in front of a very abandoned house.

Area 12: Continue south along Comorn Road. Turn right on Olde Logging Road, a private driveway to several houses. The HP looks to be in the lawn of #8482. I did a touch-and-go.

Area 13: This area is right next to area 12, but it is best to continue south on Comorn Road. Turn right on Igo Road, then shortly turn right into Strawberry Hill Farm, which is moderately posted. Knock on the door of the beautiful house. The owner, Doris (definitely) Johnson (I think) is very nice, but as an older single woman is understandably wary of strangers. After explaining what I was doing and showing some identification, we had a very nice conversation. She said that many years before, someone told her that her house was on the highpoint of King George county. The HP is in a field just east of the house.

Area 14: Continue south on Comorn Road. Turn left on Muscoe Place directly across from St. Stephen's Church. The obvious HP is along the berm on the right side of the road.

Area 15: Return to the corner of Muscoe and Comorn. The HP is in the front lawn of the house across from the church. The owner is friendly.

Area 16: Cross Comorn Road to the church parking lot. I met the pastor, who was very nice and described the history of this old African-American church, built in 1873. The HP could be in several places, the first being in the very pretty and interesting cemetery beside the church. The second possibility is along Winston Place, the road that runs next to the church, at the power lines. The third possibility is in the woods across Winston from the power line. This is a big flat area, so be prepared to wander a bit.

Area 17: Just south of the church, go east on an ATV trail. The trail turns south immediately. At the first high area, bushwhack directly east. A small ridge develops on the left (north). Follow the ridge until the HP area opens on the left and is obvious.

Area 18: Continue south on Comorn Road until a T junction with Rokeby Lane. Turn right and park. The HP is in the yard to the right of #7130 (owner friendly) or a little further west at the base of a tree along Rokeby.

Area 19: Go east on Rokeby. The HP is in the front yard of #9451. The owner is friendly.

Area 20: Directly across from area 19. Follow the grassy area to the HP area.

Area 21: Continue on Rokeby Lane. Turn right on Route 3. Just after passing the other end of Rokeby, turn left on Ridgeway. Park at the gravel pullout. Bushwhack more or less directly east, down then up to the HP area. Wander around the several bumps.