King George County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 16, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

Ryan Bowles' directions are wonderful! What I can add is primarily due to missing street signs since this county is not well signed.

Rather than coming in on 218 from Fredericksburg, I went VA 3 to 603 which is 1/2 mile AFTER the county line. Take that for 3 miles to 218. Fewer lights and traffic.

Area 1. House number 8185. Otherwise obvious.

Area 2. Dogwood is signed as 603. The point is obvious.

Area 3. I preferred the front yard. The Schindels live there.

Areas 4 and 5. Bloomsbury is signed as 605. Area 5 is clearly higher.

Area 6. Another obvious one. There looks to be an easy way in from the power line on the north, but I only checked it out minimally.

Area 7. Lambs Creek Road is 694. Green Heights Farm Road is dirt and looks like a driveway.

Area 8. This area has been logged and appears soon to be developed.

Areas 9 and 10. Very obvious. Met the pastor of the church who showed me the BM located near the end of the fence in a concrete pier and dated 1934. I explained what I was doing and the particular significance of the BM He remembered Messrs Schwartz and Lobdell from November.

Area 11. You could park at the church. Otherwise, obvious.

Area 12. Concur on 8482.

Area 13. Middle of the field works for me too.

Areas 14 and 15. Obvious.

Area 16. I vote for the cemetery.

Area 17. ATV trail is overgrown, so pay attention... . You could walk along the power line (I came back that way). Area 18. Obvious.

Areas 19 and 20. Obvious. I felt 20 was slightly higher.

Area 21. Ridgeway is also 637. There was a piece of surveyors tape about 25 yards into the woods in pretty much the proper direction. No idea why, since it was the only one I found.

Exact HP is open to interpretation.