King and Queen County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 7, 2003
Author: Chip Clark

This was an entirely GPS-guided trip. I knew roughly where the point had to be, so from the King William CoHP, I headed north, then east, then north, then east, and eventually (with no wrong turns, I think) found CR 624 (Root Swamp Road). I pulled over due west of the obvious high point.

The area has been recently logged out, but they left almost no debris, so it was an easy hike 500 feet or so to the top. To get back to civilization, I returned east/south on CR624. At the junction with CR 635 (Bradley Farm Road) I went left (north) until several miles later when I came to CR 631, where I took a right. After several miles this joined up with Route 17, 15 miles southeast of the Junction with Route 301. You may want to use this route in reverse for more direct access.