King and Queen County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 11, 2004
Author: John Garner

From the intersection of US 301 and US 17 in Port Royal, drive 16.4 miles southeast to CR 631/Lloyds Road. Turn right (southwest). Set odometer.

Go 4.9 miles on CR 631; turn left on CR 635/Elevon Road.
Go 1.5 miles on CR 635; turn right (west) on CR 630/Sparta Rd.
Go 2.1 miles on CR-630; turn left (south) on CR-624 (Tignor Road).
Go 1.7 miles on CR-624; watch for logging road just before a
                                        90-degree bend in the road to the east.

Park at the logging road, or along the side of the road nearby.

The hp is about 500 feet east-southeast from the logging road gate, across an area of recent logging slash. HP is an obvious mound.

Note: Dirt logging road is gated, and is posted. However, there is no fence on either side of the gate, and no other posted signs. Use your own judgment as to whether additional permission may be required to legally access the hp.