Lancaster County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 4, 2004
Authors: Fred Lobdell, Mike Schwartz, Don Desrosiers

Area 1 (near Litwalton): Take VA 3 east from Warsaw. Just past the Lancaster County line, turn right onto VA 354. In 2.5 miles, turn left onto VA 622 in Litwalton (a wide spot in the road). In 0.3 mile at the curve of the road there will be a dirt road leading south (right) into an open area that was lumbered a year or so ago. We took the HP to be at a large stump on the left, although near a small copse of trees is a possibility. (We scoped it and thought the stump was the place.)

Area 2 (southwest of 89 spot elevation at power line): From area continue east (right) on 622 for 1.3 miles then left onto VA 618 for 1.0 mile. Turn left (west) onto VA 3 for 1.0 mile and turn right onto gravel VA 602. Follow this road to just past the open area on the left (which Mike pointed out was shaped like the state of VA) to a dirt track on the right at the Chilton Woods State Forest sign. Walk up the track to the obvious rise then bushwhack into the overgrown woods to the HP. Specificity is in the eye of the beholder but we all voted for an area next to a large stump.

Area 3 (near power line): Back to your vehicle to the obvious power line and park. Walk up the power line right-of-way to just before the third power pole. Bushwhack into the fairly open woods to the HP. You may have to wander a bit.

Areas 4 & 5 (near intersection of VA 602 and VA 600): Continue on VA 602 east until you reach the intersection with VA 600 (Lara Road). Go north on 600 and turn into the first driveway on the left toward the farm. It was at this point that we saw a bald eagle, Fred's first in VA and Don's first at all. We spoke with the landowner who was moving hay bales and he gave us permission to wander around. The western point was near the silo and the eastern point was across the driveway from the house. The western area looked slightly lower than the eastern.

Area 6 (west of Miskimon): Back to VA 600 north for 3/10 mile and turn right onto VA 602 (Miskimon Road). At the intersection with VA 601, 602 will turn right (southeast). The cemetery shown on the topo is obvious and the undistinguished HP was in the field on the right.

No idea which of the six areas was the highest.