Lee County Highpoint Trip Report

at north tip of county (3,760+ ft)

Date: October 25, 2005
Author: Mike Schwartz

Update: Previous directions still good. The first "road" you hike to the saddle below the Doubles now has a lot of blow-down and can be slow going. On this date there were about three inches of wet snow and still-in-leaf trees were cracking all around, sounding like gunshots. Forget trying to Martinize this one now, a la Packard, without high clearance, 4WD, and a chain saw.

At the highpoint, notice a faint ATV trail curving into the main road from the southeast. GPS had this trail joining the ridgeline right at the tri-county/highpoint and it may well run up the ridge that is the Lee/Wise boundary. Assuming that, it serves to further mark the location of the highpoint. Blessedly, this is just before the main road descends steeply.