Lexington City High Point Trip Report

Date: August 16, 2001
Author: Mike Schwartz

one area with filtration plant (1,180+ ft)

From the main post office (shown on topo) on Nelson Street, go northwest and take an almost immediate left onto McLaughlin Street. Go right onto Lime Kiln Road at 0.3 miles, and left onto Enfield Road at 0.6 miles. Look for the water plant on the right at 1.0 miles. At the far end, a gate that appears permanently open is gently posted. Either drive in the short distance or walk to a concrete tower next to a water tank. The tank is depressed into the ground and the whole area has been extensively disturbed. Highest current ground is probably in the berm to the rear of the tank.

on city border 5/8 mile SW of high school (1,180+/- ft)

From the first area, backtrack down Enfield and Lime Kiln to McLaughlin. Go right on McLaughlin and bear left onto White Street. Take this to Main Street (Business US 11) and go right (south). In less than 1/2 mile, when Main St. bears left, continue right onto Thornhill Road, reaching a T-intersection with Link Road in another 1/2 mile. The topo makes the intersection look like Thornhill continues straight at this junction, with Link bearing into it, but Link is really the main road, with Thornhill reaching it at a true "T." Turn right onto Link, and make a left onto McCormick Street in about 1/10 mile. This is the street shown on the topo heading toward the "G" in Lexington. On McCormick, reach the intersection shown and bear right onto Shenandoah Street. This angles directly toward the high point, and the city line is identifiable by a sign indicating the beginning of state maintenance. Shenandoah now continues to the top of the ridge, eventually dead-ending. Based on where it crosses the ridge line, and the known position of the city line, I felt that the liner high point was very close the road. I walked into a patch of woods and a couple of adjacent yards to complete the good faith effort.