Lexington City High Point Trip Report

Date: May 5, 2002
Author: Ryan Bowles

Mike Schwartz gave a good report. We wish only to add some clarification and a little new information.

one area with filtration plant (1,180+ ft)

Mike's trip report starts at the post office on Nelson Street. Nelson Street is US 60, which is an exit on I-81. From the intersection of US60 (Nelson Street) and Business Loop US11 (Main Street) follow Nelson Street northwest past the main Post Office and then take a left onto McLaughlin. Follow Mike's directions to get to the water tank and a really cool old tower, built in 1938. The rusty gate that Mike thought was permanently open was locked when we got there, but access is not difficult. It's difficult to guess at the original location of the high point due to the disturbance, but the current highest ground is the berm all the way around the backside of the tank. The berm is planted with a hedge of pines, so touching the high ground is a bit tricky, but not impossible.

one area on city/county line 5/8 mile SW of high school (1,180+ ft)

Follow Mike's directions to get to this area. It is a reasonable assumption that the city/county line follows the property line between the two residences at Mike's given location. We followed his directions, and were on our way out when we noticed that the "woods" were actually a row of very old pines planted in a perfect line going uphill and dividing the two yards. At the end of the row of pines, a row of hardwood trees bears a bit left and downhill. These trees almost certainly indicate the property line, and they correspond very well to the line on Topo USA which we had on the laptop in the car. Based on all of this, we conclude that the junction of the two rows of trees is the highpoint.