Lexington City Highpoint Trip Report

two areas (1,180+ ft)

Date: October 20, 2006
Authors: Fred Lobdell and Mike Schwartz

One area with filtration plant: The description of this area is unchanged since previous trip reports. As noted in prior reports, the ground has been extensively disturbed during the construction of the plant. The berm mentioned in those reports, which runs in a semi-circle around the back side of the large tank, constitutes the current high ground. It is planted with pines but is almost certainly manmade. It is not possible to determine the highest remaining natural ground but as the 1,180-foot contour just touches the liner highpoint described below, it is our opinion that both areas should be visited to claim the city.

One area on city/county line: We believe this is the first time this area has been visited by a GPS unit. We parked near the "End of State Maintenance" sign and walked into the woods on the uphill side, as previous CoHPers have done. After consulting both GPS unit and compass, we concluded that the boundary line ran almost parallel to the road, angling toward it as it went uphill. We followed it up to a shoulder at the edge between a lawn and some currant bushes, until the GPS unit told us we were within 3 feet of the HP. For future CoHPers, the easiest way to access this point is to walk up the road from the sign a few feet to the driveway for 619 Shenandoah Street. Turn left into the driveway and turn left again after a few feet and follow the edge of the lawn to the height of land on the shoulder, a matter of probably less than 50 feet. This agrees well with the topo also.

What's-in-a-name department: 619 Shenandoah is owned by Fred Schwab.