Loudoun County High Point Trip Report

two areas on Blue Ridge (1,920+ ft)

Date: May 8, 2002
Author: Dale Millsap

From US 17 about 1 mile northwest of Paris, turn north on SSR 601 (Blue Ridge Mountain Road). There are many branch roads, but stick to the main ridge-line road. At 2.8 miles, pass a gated road. You might park here and walk the road to the high area, or you can continue another 0.1 mile to a communications tower on the right and park.

A short trek into the woods puts you inside the 1920-foot contour, but it is broad and undefined. There is a home at the end of the gated road, and the property lines are not clearly marked. I felt that the highest ground in the area was just south and west of the road, but I covered a whole lot of ground to give it my best effort. Also, the county line makes a crazy little S-curve, perhaps to follow property lines, so the actual location is a bit tough to pinpoint. A GPS is helpful, with a few points preprogrammed to show the changes in direction of the county line. I found no BM. This area is also one of the high areas for Clarke County.