Lunenburg County High Point Trip Report

three areas southeast of Scholfield and two areas east of Keysville

Date: May 8, 2003
Author: Ryan Bowles

For the three areas southeast of Scholfield, take 662 south from US 360 about halfway between Keysville and Burkeville. All three areas are along 662. From north to south, the first area is in the front yard of a house, easy touch and run. Area 2 is in a grassy field on the northeast side of 662. Park at a dirt driveway giving entrance to the field and walk out into the field. The third is in a field on the south side of the road. Park at the site of a gated driveway to an abandoned house. Walk toward the house, then follow an old road into the field. At the far edge of the field, turn left and walk to the obvious high area. We felt the HP was in a grove of locust trees.

For the two areas east of Keysville, take VA 40 east from Keysville, then turn left on County Line Road just after Southside Virginia Community College. The first area is in a large mown grassy field on the campus of the college just west of the road. The actual HP is not obvious, especially because it's a liner. For the second area, continue on County Line Road, and turn left on Tech Lane. The HP is in a grassy field between Tech Lane and the barn. There is a county line sign on County Line Road in this area suggesting that the county line is actually significantly east of the line on the map, which would make these two areas outside of the county.