Lunenburg County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: December 4, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

I came at this one from Keysville and turned into the parking lot for the Community College. Parked at the farthest parking lot and walked to the southern area. I thought the highest point was close to the road. I scoped it and thought this area was higher than the northern area but it was close.

For the northern point, I walked down to the pond northeast of the college and found a very nice dirt road that wrapped around and took you right to the northern area.

With all that said, like Ryan Bowles I noted the county line sign near the curve on 628 (just west of the "615" on the map) rather than where it was shown on the topo. Further, the color of the pavement changed at the sign, a pretty sure indication that SOMEBODY thought the county line was here. When I got home, I called the VDOT office (maintainer of roads and signs in this part of the state) in Victoria and they confirmed that they had always believed that the county line was at the sign. Thus, these two points would be outside the county. However, the official 1995 VDOT map for this county is in agreement with the USGS map. Short of getting an official document from the state, there may be no clear answer on this one. The southern two points are easy enough to get to, so you might as well go to them.

For the northern points, take US 360 to Meherrin and that the SR 630 that is also labeled Free State Road (i.e. do NOT take the Stagecoach Road 630). Stay on 630 for 1.9 miles until the intersection with SR 622 (Levi Road). The northern area is an obvious touch and go. The central area is also obvious, as is the pull-off. I thought the HP was close to the telephone pole.

For the southern area, I presume that Ryan meant the house at #8993. However, just before that location there is a gated road going up through a recently logged area. The road takes you either very close to or right over the actual HP in only about 1/4 mile. I liked the area near the large dead oak tree. This point was obviously higher than anything else around.