Manassas City High Point Trip Report

Date: May 8, 2002
Author: Dale Millsap

I visited the area shown on the topo, near the old-age home. The digital barometric altimeter read 330 feet.

I next decided to give Mike a second opinion on the area near the water tower. There is a berm near the tower, but I'm sure it is all disturbed ground. The altimeter again read 330 feet. I back-sighted with the hand level to a sign on Sudley, but it was too close to tell against the first area.

However, while back sighting, I noticed that the houses near the intersection of Quarry Road and Prescott Avenue had yards significantly higher than the berm. The highest area looked to be in the backyard, so I drove back around to the Rite Aid and shopping center off of Centreville Road and Prescott Avenue. I parked at a child development center and walked along the fence to the property line between the houses and the child development center. The ground at the property line is definitely the highest ground in the area, and my altimeter read 350 feet. While variations in the weather might impact the exactness of the reading, the relative accuracy of the readings is very good. So, take it or leave it, I say the highest ground in Manassas is this fence line.