Manassas Park City High Point Trip Report

one small area 1/2 mile NNW of Bloom Crossing (320+ ft)

Date: June 2001
Author: Dan Case

Directions to this spot are actually pretty straightforward. It seems Mike Schwartz omitted a key landmark. The area is a lot more developed now than it was when the quad was surveyed.

1) Take VA 28 into Manassas Park, from whatever direction you come (either Manassas and its HP or the appropriate exit on I-66).

2) Turn south onto Manassas Park Drive (the intersection with several gas stations).

3) Follow to the very obvious water tower behind the 7-11 store at the height of land (the key landmark mentioned above).

4) Park in 7-11 lot. Walk up to water tower and the stake Mike mentioned (just across the very lightly- traveled Bloom Quarry Road) and stand on all the high areas until satisfied.

5) Enhance satisfaction by getting a Slurpee, or whatever floats your boat.